Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations and Booking

Q: How do I book a charter?

Once you notify our office that you would like to book a charter we will send you a confirmation. It is very important that you review all details of your confirmation for accuracy. If everything is correct you must sign your confirmation and send back with your deposit.

Q: How far in advance do I have to book?

Bookings are based on availability; many of our busy days sell out months in advance. However, if available Calco will meet your needs with 24 hour notice. All trips must be paid in full prior to departure. Only cash, credit cards, cashier’s checks and money orders are accepted within 30 days of your departure.

Q: How far in advance should we reserve our motor coach?

We suggest reserving your motor coach as far in advance as possible to make certain the equipment is available. We can accommodate last minute bookings as well but availability of equipment may be affected.

Q: Can I request a driver?

Yes, please let us know if you would like to request a driver and we will make every effort to meet your request. Unfortunately not all requests can be granted but you can have confidence in knowing that you will have a professional, safe driver.

Q: What is Calco Travel’s cancellation policy?

If you cancel your trip 30 days prior to your trip you will receive a full refund. If you cancel 15 to 29 days before your trip you will forfeit your deposit. If you cancel 1 to 14 days before your trip will you forfeit 50% of your charter price. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your charter you will forfeit the total charter price.

Charter Rates

Q: How much does it cost to charter a motor coach?

Each trip is calculated based on your itinerary. A detailed itinerary will guarantee you the most accurate price. But do not worry if you are not sure of your plans, we can still help you with an estimate that can be updated as your trip is finalized. Request A Quote »

Q: How much of a deposit do you require?

A deposit of $100.00 per bus is required. We cannot put your bus on hold until your signed confirmation and deposit is received.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, checks, and cash. We will also accept purchase orders from approved organizations.

Q: When is final payment due?

We require full payment 30 days prior to your trip.

Q: Are driver gratuities included in your rates?

Driver gratuities are not included in our rates, but our operators would appreciate the compliment. We suggest $2 per person per day for driver gratuity for excellent service. These gratuities can be paid directly to the driver.

Q: Are driver hotel rooms included in your rates?

Driver’s rooms (for “over the road” charters) are not included in the rates. Reserving and paying for the room is the client’s responsibility. Drivers must have a private room with private restroom and bathing facilities. Drivers may not stay in the room with a person from your group. In the case of multiple drivers there must be separate rooms for each driver.

Q: What type of insurance does your company carry?

By U.S. Federal Law each motor coach company must carry a minimum of $5 million dollars of Liability Insurance for each vehicle. We carry vehicle insurance, vehicle liability insurance and professional liability insurance. You can rest assured that you are well protected when you travel with Calco Travel. We can provide proof of our insurance upon request.


Q: How far will your vehicles travel?

Calco Travel is licensed and insured to travel anywhere in the USA and Canada. We can assist your group with round trips and/or one-way transfers.

Q: How long can a driver drive?

Department of Transportation regulations allow a driver to be on duty for 15 hours per day. Of the 15 hours “on duty” the driver may be behind the wheel driving 10 hours. Every driver must record 8 hours of off duty to equal a 24 hour day cycle. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of your group.

Q: Can we leave in the middle of the night?

Yes, our coaches operate 24 hours a day. So if you prefer to drive through the night and arrive at your destination in the morning we can accommodate your group.

Q: Do the buses make stops?

Yes, the bus will make periodic stops and will accommodate groups request to stop along the way. In order for Calco to provide you with the best possible service please supply the sales office with a list of any possible stops so the driver can be informed prior to your departure.

Q: What are the DOT Standards and how do you comply?

Under DOT regulations, carriers are required to ensure their drivers are fully qualified. All of our drivers hold a current Commercial Driver’s License with a passenger endorsement, undergo a complete physical, and hold a valid medical certificate. We do random drug testing of our drivers, which is in compliance with DOT regulations. There are limits on how long a driver may drive, basically no more than 10 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty. We take these limitations into consideration when helping you plan your long trips. Our operators are required to have 3 years minimum of driving experience.

Motor Coach Amenities and Rules

Q: How many passengers can your vehicles accommodate?

Our large motor coaches seat 56, 55 or 50 passengers. Our mini motor coaches seat 25 and our executive coaches seat 20 passengers.

Q: Do all of the buses have restrooms?

Yes, all of our motor coaches and mini buses do have restrooms.

Q: Does Calco Travel allow smoking on board?

No. Calco Travel does not allow smoking on any of the motor coaches.

Q: Are food and drink allowed on board?

Yes. Food and drinks / beverages may be carried on board for personal consumption. We do ask that you respect our buses and assist with cleaning. Alcoholic beverages are acceptable with advance notice (a damage deposit may be required).

Q: Are pets allowed on board?

No dogs, cats, birds, or other animals will be allowed on board. Service animals are permitted.

Q: Can we bring our own music and movies?

Yes, every motor coach is equipped with a CD and DVD player.

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